Namaste! Welcome to Khukuri!

We serve traditional Nepalese food, spiced with the best tastes of Nepal, Tibet and India. The basic ingredients are vegetables, lentils and rice. Fish, chicken and lamb are also used. Versatile vegetarian dishes are an important part of the Nepalese cuisine. 

Genuine spices like ginger, coriander, turmeric, chili and garam masala bring color and flavours to food. You will find warm and rich tastes and a little bit of hotness too, if you want it. Khukuri has also many choices for kids. 

Khukuri has become very popular during its 13 years of operation in Porvoo. Khukuri’s secret might be the easygoing and friendly atmosphere. And the kind service of the family run restaurant. Please be most welcome to have a good lunch, spend a nice evening with friends, tasty food and wines.  Or drop in to get some delicious take away!